Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Curses In Time

My aim for this blog is to stop the insipid veneration of a myth. Cleopatra's life was just a romantic bit of non sense purportraited by silly old men who never even met her. The real Cleopatra was far from what they imagined. She was just an egomaniacle opportunist who, like many before her, believed her own press. She believed in her own god like abilities, though there was no proof of it other than what she pretended in her own mind, was true.

Octavian had a glimpse of the truth of what was going on and what really happened that day Cleopatra died. But something scared him enough to cover up things and help with the myth that did not rightfully belong to this person...........The Last Pharaoh who destroyed Egypt.

I will be updating these stories within the original postings and re-dating them so the truth can be out there for those who are not fooled by historical absurdities.

~Arsinoe Sarione Ptolemy
  aka: ASP