Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Death of Arsinoe

Let's now look at the crime scene on the temple steps. The murderer, Mark Anthony, whom I believe did the crime himself and did not have a soldier do it, went to the Artimisian under the guise of wanting to make peace with Arsinoe on behalf of her sister and even said she was waiting outside to talk to her. Wanting the war of the sisters to end, she believed Mark Anthony and followed him out of the temple compound. Once on the steps he turned to her and brought out a concealed dagger and stabbed her repeatedly......She collapsed on the steps and her royal blood stained them and the hands of her assassin. Then as requested he drew up her head and used the same instrument to decapitate her.

One has to wonder was Arsinoe even dead at this point, since the act was being performed quickly as not to rouse the guards. Did he decapitate her while her spirit still clung to her earthly body?

Did her eyes open at any point? Did her lips speak a curse on him and her treachoris sister?

Looking back on the murder scene of Arsinoe..........After Mark Anthony stabbed her. She saw something in the shadows behind him as she started to drop to the ground.....A hooded figure of a woman...As she slumped down, the moon lit this face...It was the face of her sister.....eyes insanely shining as Arsinoe's blood stained the temple steps.

Mark Anthony may have stiffened his backbone with drink to kill Arsinoe but his soul could not be salvaged when Cleopatra ordered him to decapitate her.

This heinous act would be remembered forever by Arsinoe and the Curse on the two who did this would live on to the end of time.

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