Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cleopatra Murderer or Monster?

Now you viewed this BBC series. Let's think about a few things,

They pointed out how Cleopatra ordered younger sister,  Arsinoe IV murdered on the steps of the Artimsian. Supposedly to get rid of her last rival. It was a dirty filthy bloody murder carried out by her lover Mark Anthony. But was this her only reason to be rid of her???

Arsinoe wielded much support from the Egyptian people because she was half Egyptian herself. Unlike Cleopatra who was full Macedonian. Also on a spiritual level, Arsinoe IV was considered the the earthly incarnation of their beloved ancestor Arsinoe II who bought beauty and prosperity to Egypt with the help of her brother Ptolemy II. She even took on her previous symbology when she took the throne from Cleopatra for a short time, but this time around she upgraded the crown to the Triple Ureaus. and held the cornucopia in her left hand. This some rather blind experts are now trying to attribute these statues to Cleo, but has no cartouches or anything to support their assumptions.

If you will see below the statue in question. This is clearly of a young royal. Of the age when Arsinoe took control. This bears no resemblance to any known and verified images of Cleopatra VII.

This young Queen along with her brother Ptolemy XIII held off the forces of Caesar who was invading Alexandria to put his concubine, Cleopatra back in power. She was selling out all of which the Ptolemy Dynasty had put together in their 300 years ruling Egypt to Rome.

As the series said the 'war' went Caesar's way and Ptolemy drowned trying to escape across the Nile and Arsinoe was captured and was taken back to Rome to be displayed, then executed in Caesar's Triumph. Unfortunately for Cleopatra, the crowed didn't think much of strangling a child and turned on Caesar and he was forced to settle for a mere banishment. This didn't sit well with Cleo, but there was nothing she could do.....At the time.

So Arsinoe was sent to the sanctuary of the Artimisian Temple in Ephesus and spend the next several years in their care and protection.

In the mean time shortly after Caesar gave Arsinoe clemency, he was stabbed to death on the steps of the senate. By then Cleopatra had given birth to their son, Caesarion. A card she was to play to win the game of becoming Empress of Rome along with Caesar. But their son wasn't enough of an ACE to win.....In fact, much to her consternation, Caesar made Octavian his heir, NOT their son. Nor would he leave his wife.

With Caesar gone, she then took up with Mark Anthony and filled his head with all sorts of delusions of becoming Emperor. He believed her and did anything she wanted........Including murdering Arsinoe.

The series seemed to be remiss on exactly how she died......She was stabbed to death on the Temple Steps.
It was very much a scandal to violate the rule of sanctuary. But Cleopatra wanted not only revenge but power.
Arsinoe was literally a virgin blood sacrifice. And to prove that Arsinoe was gone Cleopatra made a special request.........She wanted her head brought to her.

Cleopatra as a child had watched her sister Bernice beheaded by her father when he got back from exile, from that point on, the darkness and madness had grown within her.This was the example of  how things were handled by her family and years later she would employ this on Arsinoe.

My title accuses Cleopatra of being a Monster..................She was very good at getting things done, behind the scenes. So her hands would stay clean. So she could get what she wanted. I venture to guess maybe more than one murder was on her hands...........Caesar stabbed to death on the Senate Steps.......Arsinoe stabbed to death on the Temple Steps......A coincidence???? Maybe not. He didn't do what she wanted.

When Mark Anthony proved to be a hopeless drunken incompetent, she abandoned him at Actium. He escaped Octavian and came running back to Alexandria. It was said that she had him told she had killed herself.....And out of sorrow that he fell on his sword....Another bloody gutting.........Sound familiar? Wouldn't it be funny if someone did it for him......Not much a tragic love story that has told over the millenniums. But a sad pile of crap to cover up that the last Pharaoh was an insane manipulative ruler who did anything to get what she wanted.

They say Cleopatra committed suicide out of  fear of what Octavian would do to her back in Rome. Did she fear that he had come to know that she was behind his adopted fathers death? Was there other fears that drove her to do herself in? OR did she even take her own life as historians have reported?  Who knows............Maybe she didn't kill herself after all. She was said to die from he bite of an Asp.
Arsinoe IV was the reincarnation of Arsinoe II. After Arsinoe II died her brother had made a huge mystery cult in her name, replete with sacrifices. The cult was based on Persephone and Hades. This power/energy carried on to her next incarnation as Arsinoe IV.......Both had the symbol of the royal cobras.........And the true murderer, of many,  ended up dying by the bite of a snake.......Not as a suicide but as a bit of revenge from the beyond the grave.... The handmaidens, Charmion and Iras lay dying by their queen. Three women,.....one asp? Or was it one for each. Could be it was a 'triple' play courtesy of the spirit of Arsinoe.


  1. I love love love the story of Cleopatra! I had never heard the evidence of her possibly being behind the death of Caesar. Although I really dont think she was, I think the Roman senate was, its a very interesting take. Thank you for the great info!

    Love and Light )O(

  2. What a completely insane rant.

  3. This statue belong to Cleopatra VII it was proved in Egypt. Arsinoe IV did't have any statue