Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Head Long Journey Into Night

So what became of Arsinoe's head?

The High Priest, Megabyzus, who had welcomed Arsinoe to the Artemision as Queen of Egypt, had been sentenced to death after Arsinoe's murder. Why was that? Cleopatra had been petitioned to commute the sentence and she magnanimously did so.Did he know something and threatened to make a heinous scandal even worse? He would have known of the desecration of Arsinoe's body by the beheading. Had he sought the return of her head so he could bury her in tact?

I believe her burial in the tomb at Ephesus didn't receive the head until after Cleopatra died. I further believe that when Octavian found his dead enemy he found her sisters head in a golden casket and returned it to the Artemision so the burial could be completed in the Tomb they had erected to her honor.

Millenniums later the tomb was opened and a detailed record was made and the body was returned. But the head seemed to have been kept for some reason and during WWII it became lost. I contended that with the occultic obsession of the Nazi's, that it was they who came into possession of it. When they fell who then would have an interest in Arsinoe's Skull? I say it was the next big collector of the arcane and occult objects, The Vatican.

I do not believe that Arsinoe's head is lost at all I think it sits somewhere within the walls of Vatican City.

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