Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And Then There Was None......

They say Ptolemy XIII under the advisement of people that should have known better had his head delivered to Caesar after he with a Roman traitor had him murdered. Could these advisers really had been in Cleo's camp and was purposely mis-advising the children to get her back in power. Could Cleo have been the grand puppet master in all the mayhem then? Pompey had been son in law to Caesar once, and as a Roman he would not find the desecration of one of their own by one whom them considered less than themselves anything but an affront. No one in their right mind would advise anyone to do this........But who ever said she was in her right mind.

So the story goes....Then there was Caesar. he didn't lose his head, but he didn't make his bastard son, Caesarion heir either. So on the Ides of March, he met his death. Though her hands were not bloodied, her soul was.........And she fled Rome the minute he died.

Let's not leave out her brother Ptolemy XIV. It was very doubtful that he died of natural causes. He survived the boat ride home but died soon after. At 15 years of age he would soon begin to assert his right to the throne and she just couldn't have that.

Then of course when Mark Anthony failed her.........She left him dead in the water at Actium. And maybe even dead by her own hand when he just wouldn't go away.....I mean after all at this point there wan't many left to carry out her wishes anymore.....Now was there?

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